Friday, May 1, 2009

Alternative power sources

Alternative power is the useful form of energy generated from alternative sources of energy like sun, wind, tides etc. Alternative power is being generated and used all across the world for several purposes.

The most basic type of alternative power is the solar power. Sunlight can be directly converted to heat or light. Solar power is used for the generation of electricity, to heat water or to run solar powered devices like watches, calculators’ etc. solar power is a renewable source of alternative power since the sun will exist for a long time.

Another alternative power source is wind power. It is the fastest growing energy source in the world. The energy from the wind is used to run turbines and convert the energy in the wind into electricity.

Hydropower is a form of alternative power in which the energy of the running water is harnessed. The energy of the running water is used to run turbines that generate electricity. Hydropower is being used to generate massive amounts of electricity at present.

Tidal power is a form of alternative power and its use is increasing. Pipes with large turbines are placed in tidal areas. When tides recede, water is collected into pipes and is used to run turbines. These turbines generate electricity.

Geothermal power is the alternative power source that is obtained from the interiors of the earth. The geothermal energy in the form of hot water or steam is used to run turbines and generate electricity.

Alternative power is becoming a dominant source of energy and is being utilized to meet the growing energy needs.

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