Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wind energy companies

The number of wind energy companies has been increasing over a last few years. The main factor contributing to this growth is the fact that wind energy is now being used as an alternative source of energy to generate electricity and is also being put to many other uses.

Wind energy companies can be divided into two categories. The commercial scale wind energy companies are the ones that generate wind energy greater than 100 kilowatts. The electricity generated by commercial scale wind energy companies is sold rather being used in house. A number of turbines are installed and are connected to a grid system which can provide the generated electricity for commercial purposes. Commercial scale wind energy companies can offer a variety of services. A few services include turbine manufacturing and installing, wind resource assessment, installation of wind farms, supply of equipment, insurance and financial services. The small scale wind energy companies are also called house and farm wind energy companies. These companies generate electricity less than 100 kilowatts. The energy so produced is used in house and not sold for commercial purposes. These companies generally install only a single turbine that can generate electricity that is enough to meet the needs of a single household or a slam farm. The services offered by such companies are limited like turbine manufacture and installation, equipment supply etc.

Wind energy companies provide a clean, reliable and eco friendly way of generating electricity that can be put to many uses.

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